Bhojpuri Dance Video: Monalisa Fails In Front Of Amrapali! Such great dances by tying sarees on the waist, watch the video

Bhojpuri Dance Video, famous actress from bhojpuri industry amrapali Oaks (Aamrapali DubeyThe dance crowd is pretty crazy. right there these days amrapali The dance video of the song is making a lot of noise because in this song she does a great dance by tying a colorful saree around her waist after seeing which people’s … Read more

Rubal Shekhawat, the first runner-up of Femina Miss India 2022, made her dreams come true by coming out against the family

India has got the most beautiful Indian for 2022. This year’s winner Sini Shetty from Karnataka has been selected as Femina Miss India 2022. Sini Shetty is making a lot of headlines right now. However, Rubal Shekhawat, who was the first runner-up of Miss India 2022, is just as beautiful as Sini Shetty. Rubal might … Read more

Unhappy Plants: A family’s happiness will end as soon as it is planted! Think before you plant, don’t plant these unfavorable 5 plants even by mistake

Home of Unfortunate Plants: Many people plant different types of plants to enhance the beauty of the house and the beauty of the garden. But did you know that there are some plants that, after planting, you can also go out on the road. These plants may keep the environment clean, but according to Vastu, … Read more