Brazil has been the largest producer and exporter of coffee for more than 150 years now. No other country on earth produces, exports, or even consumes coffee more than Brazil. In the 1920's Brazil's coffee production peaked when it used to account for nearly 80% of the global coffee production. Cut to a century later, Brazil now accounts for roughly one-third of the entire coffee production in the world. The tropical climates and lower altitudes of Brazil is responsible for its superior quality of coffee which has millions of fans around the world.

Why is Brazilian coffee so popular and heavily demanded all over the world?

 The world just can't collectively stop going gaga over Brazilian coffee and it is for these reasons that Brazilian coffee is demanded all over the world. The United States is believed to the biggest exporter of Brazilian coffee, accounting for over 18% of the total exports, and the next bigger exporter of Brazilian coffee in Japan. The deregulation of the coffee industry by the national government in the 1990s was another shot in the arm for Brazil's coffee industry as coffee companies in Brazil could now export to suppliers in other countries without having to depend on government approvals or be limited by the government's graded restrictions in any way. 

The finest Brazilian coffee brands 

  • Café Pilao –It is believed to be the most popular coffee brand in entire Brazil and it originates from one of the best planting regions in all of Brazil. Café Pilao is one of the most exported brands of coffee, around the world. 
  • Café do Ponto – This is another popular Brazilian coffee brand which is harvested in the coffee plantations and estates of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. Café do Ponto is famous around the world, including and especially in Brazil because it is believed to be blended with the best coffee varieties which are responsible for its vibrant color and refined smooth finish.
  • Brazil Santos Coffee - This one of the best wet-processed and washed coffee brands hailing from Brazil, which has a lot of fans around the world. This coffee is believed to have very low acidic levels and the coffee beans behind are known to produce some of the best quality coffee is known to man.
  • Cafe Melitta - This is one of the most popular Brazilian coffee brands in the world. It has millions of fans around the world and for very valid reasons so. It is heavily demanded for its strong flavor and very unique and distinct aroma.

The biggest coffee exporting companies in Brazil


The companies behind the following brands are some of the biggest coffee exporting companies in Brazil, by some distance.

·         Cafe Caboclo:- This is one of the biggest coffee exporting companies in Brazil which produces one of the most popular and traditional Brazilian coffee brands, appreciated locally and demanded all over the world.

·         Cafe 3 Carocoes: - From the house of one of the biggest coffee exporting companies in Brazil, Cafe 3 Coracoes are 100% roasted and smooth-lasting, Brazilian coffee that is harvested and blended in Brazil. Cafe 3 Coracoes also produces some of the world's finest roasted, premium-quality-coffee, under the Cafe Santa Clara brand. 

·         Cooxupe - It is believed to be one of the biggest  coffee exporting companies in Brazil and one of the largest private cooperatives in the world. Cooxupe has farms in some of the world's most prime growing regions like Minas Gerais and São Paulo.

·         Cafe Bom Dia:- It is one of the largest producers of sustainable coffee from Brazil which is widely regarded as one of the largest coffee exporting companies in Brazil. Café Bom Dia produces some of the finest gourmet coffee in the world, which has millions of fans around the world for its flavor, heavy body and smooth complexity.


The Bottom Line


Brazilian coffee is demanded all over the world because it is believed to the best of the best, the cream of the crop and people don't rely have to burn a hole in their pockets to get their hands on a freshly brewed cup of Brazilian coffee. This is mainly because of the fact that there are absolutely no exports on coffee exports from Brazil. Unprocessed coffee can easily be exported duty-free into three of the largest markets for Brazilian coffee like the USA, Japan, and the European Union. But when it comes to processed coffee, things change to some extent because processed coffee like its instant and decaffeinated variants are taxed by around 7.5% into the EU and 10% into Japan. The United States of America remains the single biggest importer of Brazilian coffee mainly because there are no tariffs where processed coffee is exported into the country from Brazil.