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“Teachers can be students, and students can be teachers. Together.” Online education has completely changed the brick and mortar classrooms into three-dimensional visual rooms with invisible walls. More precision, no space, no walls, a bright and colourful screen just as things move like a montage in theatres. Isn’t that fun? Indeed, that is why students … Read more

How to crack IIT JEE?

Many tests take place every year, but students seem crazy about IIT JEE. It is done every year for students who dream of becoming engineers. All Indian engineering colleges and universities in India fall under IIT JEE. Students who get higher ranks get the opportunity to study at top Indian colleges, while students with fewer … Read more

How Design Thinking Can Help You Create Innovative Ideas.

When it comes to creating innovative ideas, design thinking can be a powerful tool. By working with your team and using different methodologies, you can help develop innovative solutions that are both effective and efficient. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of design thinking and how they can be used to create … Read more