Bachchhan Paandey prediction to collect the opening day of the box office Akshay Kumar encountered problems with RRR kashmir files.

bachchan pandey gains from the first day

According to trade analyst Sumit Kadel, if Bachchan Pandey collects more than 10 kroner on the first day, then this will be a good start for him. Released on the occasion of Holly, this film will compete with The Kashmir Files.

bachchan pandey first day wins nearly 15 kroner

According to film experts, there will be a crowd in the cinema hall for Bachchan Pandei because of Holly’s long weekend. The names of Akshay Kumar and Bachchan Pandey is a hardcore commercial artist. On the first day, this film can collect from 14 to 15 crores.

If the Kashmir files weren’t there, he would have won so much

Koimoi, estimating box office revenue on the first day, said the film’s profit on the first day could make a 15-crore business. Kashmir’s files limited the film’s revenue, otherwise the film would have grossed up to 20 crores.

Will Suryavanshi’s record be broken?

Let me tell you that even after half of the theaters were open during the coronavirus, Akshay Kumar’s Suryavanshi proved to be a hit and won nearly 196 crores. Suryavanshi’s winnings were nearly 26 kroner on the opening day.

RRR and The Kashmir Files are a big challenge

It’s about Bachchan Pandey, his budget is said to be 200 crores. In such a situation, income will have to cut it short. On the one hand, The Kashmir Files have won more than 80 kroner. On the other hand, Rajamouli’s RRR comes out on March 25th. The chance of winning for Bachchan Pandey is small and full of challenges.

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Updated: March 25, 2022 — 7:44 pm