Everything you need to know before ordering military coins

If you have ever been to a military ceremony in your life then you would have surely come across custom military coins that soldiers are presented with, in such ceremonies. Custom military coins like other challenge coins are given to honor the efforts or sacrifices of military personnel throughout the entirety of their careers. Custom military coins have unique designs which belong to the division of the military it represents and it can be anything from the army to navy to the air force to the coast guard. It has been seen in most cases of custom military coins that the emblem of the unit is etched directly into the coin with the motto of the unit being engraved around the edge of the coin.

What do different custom military coins look like?

No two custom military coins look the same, they differ from case to case. It has been seen in many cases that most of these coins are just around 3-4 millimeters thick along with being 15.-4 inches wide. When you take that thickness and width into consideration, you realize that such coins are a lot bigger than normal coins. It needs to be noted here that the designs and styles of military coins can differ from one coin to another. Most military coins have the emblem of the unit or organization etched into them and then there are some other coins with unorthodox shapes and emblems like arrowheads, hexagons, shields, and dog tags. Military coins are available in a wide range of finishes and they are made from different metals like pewter, nickel, and copper.


What is the significance of custom military coins?

Custom military coins are essential items of honor that are presented to military personnel on different occasions to appreciate their efforts and sacrifices towards their unit and country. It is very common for such coins to be present to both the serving and retired personnel of the military. It is very common for such coins to hold the names of the peoples along with their ranks and the dates on which such coins are actually presented to the different military personnel. If the military personnel in question has lost his or her life in the field of battle for the country then such coins are presented to the family members of the deceased. These coins are also presented to the family members of the deceased who died during carrying out natural disaster relief operations. 

What do custom military coins represent?

These coins represent the unity amongst different units, branches, departments, teams within the organization, and the organization itself. They represent achievements, efforts, sacrifices, special events also anniversaries. Such coins are often used to build strong bonds. Such coins have a very rich history in the military. Such coins are also used by organizations beyond the military such as by first responder services. Custom military coins can also represent special groups and even specific missions on some occasions. It is also very common for military leaders to have their custom military coins like top generals and also the different presidents of the united states. It is common for many military personnel to end up with a large collection of custom military coins at the end of their esteemed and celebrated careers. Most military personnel take a lot of pride in such coins and they display these coins in all of their flair and flamboyance.

Where to order custom military coins from?

In today’s day and age, you can just begin with some basic search engine queries and soon you will come across multitudes of stores that are in the business of making custom military coins. Most of these stores custom military coins with no minimum service which means that you don’t need to place a bulk order and you can just order single coins as well. If you don’t need to buy it for the entirety of the unit and instead need to order it for a specific purpose then the custom military coins with no minimum service will prove to be very beneficial to you.

Updated: May 13, 2021 — 8:14 am