How to crack IIT JEE?

Many tests take place every year, but students seem crazy about IIT JEE. It is done every year for students who dream of becoming engineers. All Indian engineering colleges and universities in India fall under IIT JEE. Students who get higher ranks get the opportunity to study at top Indian colleges, while students with fewer ranks get colleges according to their grades.

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But some students fail or are not eligible for the exam. For s ch students, I will be listing some important tips for making IIT JEE –

 1. Know the syllabus and have a study plan in place

Students preparing for the IIT JEE should, first of all, compile the entire syllabus and make a study plan accordingly. Yes! Preparing the entire syllabus will give you an idea of ​​the part you need to complete in order to complete the test. What is the weight of all the chapters that come in the test? Null. Knowing the g syllabus is important in developing the learning process itself. It can be helpful if you are making a personal study plan and daily routine. Try to complete the heavier chapters and the easier chapters first.

2. Understanding ideas and practising them is key

In order to break any test, you need to clear your mind and give the whole lesson equal value — you have to show your hard work and dedication. When you crack IIT JEE, you need to keep up with your performance. You will study physics, solve difficult mathematical questions and study 11th grade chemistry and 12th chemistry in full. You have not left any articles or articles because you cannot specify which topics will be asked. Exercise as much as you can and try to give your 100% because hard work is the key to success.

3. Avoid reading too many books

Some children complain that they are able to write tests despite working hard. One of the reasons for this could be reading from many books by different authors. Different people will have different ways of thinking and solving questions. Reading other books can be confusing. So! Instead of trying to cover too much information, try to stick to one book. NCERT is the most preferred. You can also practice MCQs in any book you choose, which you think is the best, and give you a clear idea of ​​the questions.

4. Clear your doubts regularly

Doubts are common and in fact, doubt indicates that you are learning. While reading books or answering questions, you may encounter many points or questions that you are not familiar with. Instead of ignoring the problems, try to write down the problems you face and try to clear up your doubts about your teachers, friends, and any family member who has the idea to solve them. It will help you get good marks on your test.

5. Review, over and over

To pass the test, you need to practice as much as possible. Practice makes a man perfect. Students often forget things, but if you practice them often, you will be able to keep things longer. You can make notes to read from them instead of reading them all easily. Try to solve mathematical questions as best you can, and this will help you to have control over the lessons.


Final Words

Not being able to write exams does not mean that a student does not know enough. There may be an error in their preparation strategies. Cracking IIT JEE is not difficult if you prepare yourself with the right strategy. Follow the tips mentioned above to get a good position at IIT JEE.

All the best!

Updated: March 5, 2022 — 10:45 am