HVAC Social Media Marketing Ideas: Set your Strategy to Get Your Business:

Days are gone when businesses depend solely on traditional marketing like- print media ads. We are living in the virtual world, and the marketing scenario has also changed for businesses. Now it is proven that online marketing has a high potentiality to boost leads and sales, particularly social media marketing can generate free leads. 

Like all other businesses, HVAC marketing agencies are also realizing the importance of social media presence and trying hard to figure out an effective HVAC social media marketing strategy that accelerates their business growth.

New homeowners especially young generations are using social media to know about HVAC companies. So taking advantage of HVAC social media marketing ideas could be the best way to reach and connect with potential leads. There are many social media channels but the most popular ones are- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. 

If you have just started making your brand’s social media presence, focus on one or two social media channels. As you learn the nitty-gritty of how social media marketing for HVAC works then try other social media platforms too.

Now, the question is how to make social media work for your business? Simple, just make a killer strategy!!!  Read this post to know about how to set an effective social media marketing strategy to know how to get HVAC leads in 2021.

HVAC Social media marketing  ideas- Know the real strategy

Before you make any strategy for your HVAC business, remember it should be a S.M.A.R.T approach which means Scientific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Setting a social media strategy is not an easy task, you need to take a few steps before you make a well-planned social media strategy. Let’s know what are those steps are-

Know your audience

You are doing your business for the customers, right? But who is your real customer? Know your potential buyer well even before you start your social media presence. Who is your ideal customer avatar? What is their demographic? Gender? where do they hang out? Can your product solve their issue? 

Note down everything you want to know about your real customers. Setting a buyer persona can help you to point out these questions. Social media Insight can give you an idea about real prospects. Analyze social media insight reports and take your next step according to the result.

Run a Competitive Analysis:

Before you jump into the market, take an idea of what works better and whatnot. Do analyze your competitor’s website and social media presence. Scanning your competitor’s social media presence will give you an idea about what kind of content is getting more engagement, how they are using social media platforms to the best of their capability, how they are making content strategies. Find out how many social media channels are they using? Are they running a youtube channel? Point out the content gap and use that to create more engaging content.

Do social Media Audit:

If you are using multiple channels to use HVAC social media marketing ideas then it’s time to pause and find out which channels are working best for your business. Create a Google spreadsheet or Excel sheet to jot down all the details  – how many social media platforms you are using, what are your KPI, how many followers you have in each platform, what kind of post is getting more likes, share, and comments. Social media marketing for HVAC works best when you know exactly which platform gives you more traffic. Suppose you are getting more leads from Instagram and short video clip posts are your winner, then try to focus more on those platforms with creative video post ideas.

Create a Content calendar:

Consistency and relevancy are the keys when it comes to HVAC social media marketing. Your competitor analysis and social media audit have helped you to figure out what kind of post on which platform is resonating with your audience, Now it’s time to create a social media content calendar that keeps posts organized and preplanned. While you are searching for the best HVAC social media marketing ideas, we can tell you to try to make content on such topics that are useful but nobody is talking about them. Follow the 80/20 rule, that is 80% of your content should be educational, informative, and entertaining and 20% can be promotional.

Monitor, Track, and measure:

We are giving you the best HVAC social media ideas but you should monitor and track your metrics to know the best formula for your business. If your goal is to grow organically watch social media metrics like a follower, like, share and comments. Social listening tools would be a great idea to track what is happening in the market. 

Use Google Analytics to know how much direct referral you are getting from your social media channels. The effort behind your HVAC social media marketing will be worth it if you are getting decent traffic from it.

Well, you have done everything to grow your organically but you will be amazed to know how paid ads can change the game of social media for the HVAC marketing company.

You can run paid ads for getting leads or building brand awareness, the best part is that you can have full control over your budget. Paid social media ads are something that you can blindly rely on for quick results.

Implement all the strategies mentioned above to know the best-suited HVAC social media marketing ideas for your business. Test, track and tweak is the secret sauce for getting success in HVAC social media marketing.

Updated: May 19, 2021 — 2:01 pm