Jersey Film Review: Shahid Kapoor’s film has a high performance, but the pace of the film interferes


At the age of 26, Arjun suddenly moved away from cricket one day. After some time, falling into a trap in a fake case, he lost his government job. In such a situation, all the responsibility for the house falls on his wife Vidya. In time, Arjun gets closer to his son and the distance from his wife increases. Vidya does his best to get him back to work … but he fails. The page of Arjun’s life is turned on the day his son asks for a T-shirt from him. Arjun wants to fulfill his son’s wish in every way. He tried for several days, but failed to raise money. Arjun is determined to return to cricket to maintain his prestige in the eyes of his son. But after a break of 10 years … and at the age of 36 it’s not easy to get back in the game. In such a situation, how Arjuna struggles with her circumstances. The whole story revolves around this.


Shahid Kapoor is a brilliant actor and he proved it with each of his films. He also looks impressive with a T-shirt. Especially when he was struggling to get back on the cricket field, he looked very strong. A martyr, by his character, shows the best of all expressions of despair, disappointment, anger, sadness, shame, victory. At the same time, Mrunal Thakur is perfect in the image of Vidya. Both characters are written very carefully. Shahid has some great scenes with Pankaj Kapoor (coach). Father and sons in real life look very comfortable together on the big screen. The chemistry of Ronit Kamra (son) and Shahid is also worth watching.


Gowtham Tinnanuri had made the original film and he himself took responsibility for the remake. There is no doubt that he was completely faithful to the remake. So far, many sports dramatic films have been made in Bollywood, but this mixture of cricket and emotion is different. This film tells the story of mutual relations more than sports. This is the story of a father and son .. husband and wife .. old coach and player. Although the film is not associated with strength on an emotional level, as the director tries. Especially the love story of Arjun and Vidya and their journey seems to be very long. As a result, many questions begin to arise in your mind. Therefore, the climax of the film remains average.

technical side

Technically the film is good. The history of the film takes place over 10 years and this difference is shown with great care and ease. The film’s production design is to be commended for this. Anil Mehta’s cinematography makes the story strong. Also the cricket part is well filmed and choreographed. Where the film struggles is the editing. This 174-minute film is moving very slowly in some parts … especially the first half of the film.


The four-song soundtrack by Jersey from Conscious-Tradition is mediocre. The good thing is that the songs go with the story. At the same time, the background score of the film is composed by Anirud Ravichander, who is excellent and works to bring the right amount of emotion to the right place in history. Let me tell you that Anirud Ravichander composed the score and soundtrack for the original Telugu film.

I see or I don’t see

Although Jersey is a sports drama, you will not find sports thrills here. If you’re expecting exciting cricket moments, you may be a little disappointed. The frieze emphasizes the emotional side of the relationship more than cricket. It absorbs the bond between husband and wife, father and son, coach and player.3 stars for the movie from Filmybeat.

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Updated: April 20, 2022 — 10:47 pm