Review and evaluation of the film by Jayeshbhai Jordaar: This film by Ranvier Singh is not so Yordaar in content, it lacks a spark | Jayeshbhai Jordaar Film Review – Ranvir Singh’s weak film on an important topic


Jayeshbhai lives with his family in a fictional village in Gujarat. A humble helpless husband who wants to save his wife Mudra (Shalini Pandei) and 9-year-old daughter from parents and patriarchal society at all costs. . Mudra is pregnant and family members want a son anyway. This is the last chance for Mudra, who had 6 abortions in the affair with the boy. She blames herself for this, but Jayeshbhai stands by her best. He is not an action hero, but a soldier of intentions. In such a situation, will he be able to gather a little courage to fight with society and the system to save his unborn daughter and give the opportunity to the women of his village! The whole story revolves around this.


The strong point of the film is its star role. Ranvier Singh is a great actor and proves it with every film. Ranvir is perfect in the role of Jayeshbhai. You will hate Boman Irani, the defender of patriarchal society, and this is his victory. There is spontaneity in his game. At the same time, Ratna Patak Shah as Jaysh’s mother is completely strong, but at the same time helpless. I wish the director had worked a little harder on his character. Although debutant Shalini Pandey has done a good job, there isn’t much here to test her acting range.


This is Divyang Thakkar’s first film. But here he did not seem particularly impressed. Diviang was responsible for both the writing and directing of the film, and it was mediocre on both sides. This film, made on a powerful theme such as the murder of women, fails to attract you due to the slow script. The film starts with a good note, with great performances and a theme that keeps the interest alive until the first half, but in the second half you can see how the director tries to put together so many problems that are boring. Feticide, patriarchy, equality between men and women, domestic violence … An attempt has been made to address all topics separately, which makes the film a sermon. In the past, we have seen very strong Hindi films on these topics. So there was a need for innovation … which is missing.

technical side

The script of the film is quite free, but the strict editing of Namrata Rao makes the film a little better. Jayeshbhai Jordaar is just a 2-hour film that works for the benefit of the film. Sidhart Divan’s cinematography is also good and somehow sets the mood for the film. Sanchit Balhara’s result is average.


The music of the film is composed by Vishal-Shekhar, which is average. But the good thing is that the songs go with the story. “Seek Dheere Dheere Jaunga” and “Firecracker” attracted attention for a while, but had no effect. Yash Raj Banner’s films have been in the headlines for their music for years, but now that the songs are coming and going, there’s no news.

I see or I don’t see

Created on a serious and sensitive topic such as the killing of women, this film becomes quite didactic after a while, where entertainment seems to be forced. Despite the excellent performances of Ranvir Singh, Boman Irani, Ratna Patak Shah and Shalini Pandei, the film failed to make an impact. 2.5 stars for “Jayeshbhai Jordaar” from Filmbeat.

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Updated: May 13, 2022 — 9:24 am