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History (Sardar Udham Singh Movie)

The film began in Punjab in 1931, where the imprisoned Udham Singh was released. Police are watching him closely, but he somehow manages to escape and begins to make contact to get to London. He reached London in various countries in 1934. And the revolutionaries present there established contact with the Indians. With their help, Udham Singh arranges a gun for himself.

udham singh movie review

He has been working at various jobs in London for 6 years. Meanwhile, he learned that on March 13, 1940, a joint session of the East India Association and the Royal Central Asian Society would be held at Caxton Hall in London, to which Michael O’Dwyer was invited.

Udham Singh arrives here with a gun hidden in his book and shoots six against six at Michael O’Dwyer. The police present immediately caught them. They were tried and sentenced to death. Holding the picture of Bhagat Singh in his hand, Udham Singh hanged himself.

History Part 2

Meanwhile, our retrospective shows different phases of Udham Singh’s life. At the age of 17-18, he has innocence in him, then he is gradually influenced by the words of Bhagat Singh, and the passion for the struggle for freedom rises in his head. He joined the Hindu Socialist Republican Association.

But there has been a big change in Udham Singh’s personality after seeing the Jalianwala Bagh massacre in 1919 in Amritsar. Seeing the massacre with his own eyes, Udham Singh, filled with pain and anger, vows to kill Michael O’Dwyer, the then governor of Punjab. It took him 21 years to fulfill that vow.


In the image of Udham Singh, Vicky Kaushal has settled in so that she does not take her eyes off him. Whether it’s Udham Singh’s relationship with Bhagat Singh, his naivete with his girlfriend, the pain of seeing the Jalianwala Bagh with his own eyes, or the anger of losing loved ones … Every expression on Vicky Kaushal’s face is touching.

The change in Udham Singh’s personality with each incident is well illustrated by the actor. Vicky Kaushal’s praise for this film is less. Banita Sandhu did justice to her character as a friend/boyfriend of Udham Singh. Amol Parashar as Bhagat Singh is in a small role, but he looks good. At the same time, Sean Scott, Stephen Hogan, Kirsty Everton were excellent in the images of the British.

Direction of movie

There is a pause in Shujit Sirkar’s films. Pico, Madras coffee, October … All the films have dialogues, as well as silence, which is very impressive. In the movie ‘Sardar Udham’, these things are also realized from the first scene. He tied Sardar Udham’s character very well. The story is largely retrospective and moves in the present, but not distracting. What is special is that he brilliantly shaped each character. Whether it’s the freedom fighters fighting for India’s independence in the Punjab or the British government in London.

Where the film crashes is the last 30 minutes. The most important part of the film is the massacre at Jalianwala Bug, but it seems stretched and repetitive in a few minutes. For an event to be effective, you don’t have to show it for a long time. Making history films, however, is not easy, but Shujit Sirkar has done a good job from the smallest facts to the locations.

Technical side of movie

The film looks technically strong. The production design of Manasi Dhruv Mehta, Dmitry Malich is superb. The history of the film lasts from 1919 to 1940 and the film does not disappoint anywhere in terms of locations and sets. The sound design of the film was made by Dipankar Jojo Chaki and Nihar Ranjan Samal, which goes well with the story. Avik Mukhopadhyay’s cinematography makes the film effective.

From Punjab to Russia and London, he has captured the best in his camera. An important part of the film is the editing made by Chandrashekhar Prajapati, but the film seems a bit weak in this regard. The film could easily be shortened to 15 to 20 minutes, which does not reduce its impact. Due to the length of the film, some scenes are repeated. The dialogues written by Ritesh Shah will keep you in the film. Let me tell you that most of the dialogues in the film are in English, while some of them are in Punjabi.

Udham Singh Movie Review

This story of the brave revolutionary Sardar Udham Singh from the country touches the heart. During the freedom struggles, the country went through many incidents, some incidents were discussed, and some were buried in the pages of history. Sujit Sirkar pulled the story of Udham Singh from the buried page. The director gave complete justice to the film. At the same time, Vicky Kaushal performed brilliantly in the role of Sardar Udham. 3.5 stars from Filmbeat for “Sardar Udham”.

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Updated: March 25, 2022 — 10:21 am