Review of the web series Sony Liv Nirmal pathak ki Ghar wapsi strong script with fantastic cast. Review of Sony Liv Web Series Nirmal Pathak’s Ghar Wapsi Strong script and great cast





Web series – Return to the home of Nirmal Patak

Where to watch – Sony Liv

Artist – Vaibhav Tatvvadi, Akash Makhija, Vineet Kumar, Pankaj Jha, Garima Singh

Nirmal pathak ki Ghar wapsi

In the world of OTT these days there is a collection of rural stories. In this list, the new Sony Liv series returns home to Nirmal Pathak. When Nirmal Patak comes to his home village of Bihar 24 years later, he faces the excitement, pain and troubles of the rural world. When Nirmal Patak returns from the city to a small village in Bihar, he is greeted like a star.

On the one hand, Nirmal Patak finds that his height increases, receiving respect from family and the village, while on the other hand, he also expresses surprise by seeing a caste system, discrimination and thinking of high and low. Nirmal Patak’s return home revolves around the circumstances he faces in order to remove the casteism, sexism, patriarchy that has engulfed the village with its ideology. If Nirmal Patak succeeds in making a difference in his homeland, this series reflects this thinking.

Nirmal pathak ki Ghar wapsi

Although it is a serious story, Nirmal Patak’s character and family will take you on a journey of sentimentality, humor and fun. In this series, an exercise is made to mix women’s empowerment, population, control, superstition, dowry system and village policy in one water and to drink to taste.

The reality of rural India is depicted in a series of 5 episodes. The sculpture of the writer Rahul Pandey can be seen on the sculpted screen. Vaibhav Tatvwadi, the great face of Marathi cinema, did justice to Nirmal Patak’s character. Vineet Kumar, Pankaj Jha, Kumar Saurabh continue to play their hero. Actress Alka Amin also fits the story. The script touches the heart, allowing the story to flourish to the fullest. In the dialogues one hears the smell of the village dissolving. Directed by Rahul Pandi and Satish Nair, this web series has a long list of capable actors. Starring Vaibhav Tatvwadi, Akash Mahija, Vinet Kumar, Pankaj Ja, Garima Singh and Ishita Ganguli.

Why watch – Nirmal Patak’s return home is a mirror of society along with the rainbow colors of the village. The village and family of Nirmal Patak will be established in the mind. 3-star rating for the series from Filmbeat Hindi.

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Review of the web series Sony Liv Nirmal pathak ki Ghar wapsi strong script with fantastic cast

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